Close with confidence from anywhere

We combine our cutting-edge closing platform with a personalized team of professionals to provide you with the best possible closing experience.

Securely close on your on your home online

Save yourself the hassle of going to the bank or hand delivering a check. With Cedar Hawk, you can instantly transfer earnest money directly in your dashboard, it’s that easy.

We’re certified in all types of digital closings

Full eClosing

This common eClosing type is ideal for consumers who want to experience the ceremony of getting their keys and celebrating, while saving time by signing documents online.

Hybrid Closing

With this type of eClosing, all parties appear in person in the same room to eSign and eNotarize disclosures, while “wet” signing other mortgage documents

Remote Closing

This fully online closing is ideal for busy families, investors, and traveling business people who are unable to meet in person. The entire closing process is completed remotely with a webcam, eSignatures, and eNotarization.


Convenience at every step.

Printing and mailing stacks of paperwork are a thing of the past. Our documents are digital and accesible throughout the transaction.

Couple with Mobile Phone
Track your progress.

If your taxes can be filed simply, so can your closing docs. Our smart forms guide you step-by-step along a series of simple questions to arrive at a complicated result.

Only enter info once

Electronically sign eligible closing documents at the click of a button with Cedar Hawk’s  secure and reliable e-signatures and digital documents

Convenient Signing

For the few documents we need wet-signed, our free mobile notaries will come to you at a time and place convenient for you

Dedicated Attorneys in every state 

Some states require an attorney to close on their home legally, no worries there. At Cedar Hawk, we have over 73 state licensed attorneys ready at your service.

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